TradesLink and Home Depot Canada are collaborating on a platform that serves as a central hub where employers can connect with skilled tradespeople, providing a seamless solution for talent acquisition and professional growth.

Key aspects of the partnership include:

  • Exclusive Benefits for TradesLink Users: TradesLink members will gain access to exclusive promotions and resources provided by Home Depot Canada. This includes special offers on tools, equipment, and materials essential for their craft.
  • Collaborative Learning Opportunities: Home Depot Canada and TradesLink will work together to create educational content, workshops, and webinars to facilitate continuous learning and development for tradespeople. This initiative aims to enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.
  • Joint Initiatives for Industry Advancement: Home Depot Canada and TradesLink will collaborate on initiatives aimed at advancing the trades industry. This may include joint events, sponsorships, and contributions to industry-related causes.

By combining the strengths of TradesLink’s community-building platform with Home Depot Canada’s extensive resources, we are creating a powerful ecosystem that supports the growth and success of trades professionals.

TradesLink Media Inquiries:
Alex Stieda
Operations Manager, TradesLink
Email: alex.stieda@gettradeslink.com
Phone: 780.974.7873

Home Depot Media Inquiries:
Amir Nezhat
National Accounts Manager
Email: Amir_Nezhat@homedepot.com