The Social Networking Platform for Employers

TradesLink is a social networking platform connecting employers and skilled trades through a unique, community-based online recruitment tool that aims to change the way recruitment in the trades industry is done across the trades industries including Service, Industrial, Mode of Power and Construction.

Why TradesLink?

Hire Skilled Labour

  • Find skilled labour quickly and easily by targeting specific trades on TradesLink
  • Set up searches for the positions you need and get notifications immediately when suitable candidates are available
  • Find skilled labour in new locations by targeting geographically
  • Post shutdowns and connect immediately with available and qualified workers
  • Review applicants efficiently thanks to resume building feature
  • Check employee or applicant certifications, expirations and advanced qualifications in one easy to access place
  • Searchable database lets you know who is available based on skills, experience and location
  • Check vouches for a quick, initial reference check

Enhance the Trades

  • Organic pulse check for employers on industry news and trends
  • Provide learning and development opportunities for employees
  • Increase employee engagement through shared skills and abilities
  • Grows the trades community, which benefits the whole sector

Enhance Your Profile

  • Employers can boost their reputation
  • Engage with your employees
  • Post content about how to treat your workers
  • Respond quickly and directly to employee concerns

How it works

  • Employers purchase a monthly subscription to the TradesLink Access Portal which provides them with the ability to search for available Tradespeople based on Availability/Location/Trade & Level of Achievement/Safety Tickets and Skills.
  • Employers then can view the matching profiles of potential candidates and reach out directly to those tradespeople to schedule an interview. There are no additional fees to hire off of TradesLink.

Employer Portal Login

  • Once an employer subscribes, they will be assigned their Access Portal login and receive a tutorial on how to login to the Access application and leverage the search engine.
TradesLink Employer Portal

Employer FAQ’s

Q: How much does TradesLink cost?
A: TradesLink will cost $259.00 CAD/month per employer
Q: Is there a limit to how many Tradespeople I can hire on TradesLink?
A: No, there is no limit to how many tradespeople you hire off of the TradesLink platform
Q: How do I subscribe to TradesLink
A: Employers complete the form below to connect with TradesLink staff
TradesLink Employer Portal

Portal Login

Subscribers to TradesLink can reach out to the following
contact for support (with a 24 hour response time)