TradesLink and Skills Canada Alberta Forge Strategic Partnership to Champion Skilled Trades


TradesLink, the leading social networking platform for tradespeople, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Skills Canada Alberta (SCA), a prominent provincial non-profit organization dedicated to promoting careers in skilled trades and technologies to Alberta youth. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in advancing the mission of both organizations to support and elevate the skilled trades industry.

TradesLink has been at the forefront of creating a dynamic online community that connects tradespeople, fosters collaboration between employers and skilled workers, and promotes continuous learning and development. Skills Canada Alberta, with its unwavering commitment to showcasing the vast opportunities within the skilled trades sector, is a natural ally in this endeavor.

Key highlights of the partnership:

  1. Promotion of Skilled Trades Careers: TradesLink will collaborate with Skills Canada Alberta to leverage its social networking capabilities in promoting skilled trades careers to a wider audience. Through targeted campaigns, the partnership aims to reach both current competitors involved in Skills Canada Alberta events and their extensive alumni network.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Skills Canada Alberta competitors and alumni can benefit from TradesLink’s robust networking features, connecting with peers, mentors, and potential employers within the skilled trades industry. The platform serves as a central hub for trades professionals to share experiences, knowledge, and opportunities.
  3. Fostering Learning and Development: The collaboration aims to enhance learning and development within the skilled trades community. TradesLink offers a platform where Skills Canada Alberta competitors and alumni can access educational resources, engage in discussions, and stay updated on industry trends.

Alex Stieda, Operations Manager at TradesLink, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Teaming up with Skills Canada Alberta is a natural fit for us. Together, we can amplify the message of the exciting and rewarding career opportunities within the skilled trades. TradesLink is committed to providing a platform that not only connects professionals but also serves as a catalyst for learning and growth.”

Skills Canada Alberta Spokesperson Victoria Anderson at Skills Canada Alberta, shared their excitement, stating, “Skills Canada Alberta is dedicated to inspiring youth to explore and pursue careers in the skilled trades. Partnering with TradesLink allows us to extend our reach and provide valuable networking and development opportunities to our competitors and alumni.”

This strategic partnership between TradesLink and Skills Canada Alberta exemplifies a shared vision to empower the next generation of skilled trades professionals and create a strong, interconnected community within the industry.

For media inquiries, please contact:

TradesLink Media Inquiries:
Alex Stieda
Operations Manager, TradesLink
Phone: 780.974.7873

Skills Canada Alberta Media Inquiries:
Victoria Anderson
Manager of Communications, Skills Canada Alberta
Phone: 780.405.3534

About TradesLink

TradesLink is a social networking platform for all tradespeople. TradesLink creates community, connects employers with skilled tradespeople and fosters learning and development within the industry. Download the app today or visit for more information.

About Skills Canada Alberta

Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) is a provincial non-profit association that partners with government, industry and education stakeholders to inspire, develop, and elevate Alberta’s skilled youth. We accomplish this by actively promoting rewarding trade & technology career pathways.